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We are working hard to deliver goodness to you, with a focus on care and safety. As circumstances change rapidly, we ask that you try to plan in advance and thank you for your patience. We remain here for you!



Why should I choose these products over American brands?

These organic products start with grass fed cows’ milk. They are not treated with hormones or antibiotics and live cage-free, which aids in healthier milk production. These formulas do not contain harmful ingredients found in most formula brands. They do not contain added fluoride, corn or rice syrup, chemical additives, GMOs, added sugars, DHA/ARA*, preservatives, added colors, nor soy. Please compare the ingredient labels yourself. But prepare yourself for a shock.

Which brand or line should I choose?

We work hard to make sure that we’re offering only the best products available, so there aren’t any bad options. However the final call of what’s best for your babe is up to you. You can find a comparison chart HERE to help. 

How many boxes should I buy?

This varies greatly depending on the exact age, feedings, and diet of your babe. For reference we have included the amount of mixed formula that each box makes on each product page. If you’re trying these products for the first time please choose a small bundle to start with and learn what works best for you and your babe. 

What are the differences between Stages?

The term “PRE” is in no way related to the terms “premie” or “pre-term”. Rather, PRE Stage formulas normally contain no starch, so you can feed them to your babe on a 3 hour schedule. 

The main difference between Infant (Stage 1) Formula and Follow-on (Stage 2) Formula is the balance of milk proteins. The manufacturers recommend changing stages in order to meet the nutritional needs of that age.

Are these products USDA certified organic?

These products are certified organic according to the European Food Standards Authority (EFSA). This European organization holds some of the most stringent standards applying to GMOs, sweeteners, and other hazardous substances that the USDA has yet to take action on. You can see that our products have received the EFSA organic approval by the “Bio” written on the product packaging.

What does BIO mean?

This is the EU version of organic. The standards are very stringent and take into account various factors, such as toxic substances, sweeteners, and GMOs.

What is Demeter?

Demeter is a certification of Biodynamic Farming. Boasting this brand means very stringent requirements in each step of farming have been met. That means that cows from Demeter farms eat from lush fields, are treated appropriately for their species, and avoid painful dehorning. Demeter farmers must also omit the use of synthetic fertilizers, chemical plant protection agents, and artificial additives during processing. Learn more about Demeter standards HERE.

What is Bioland?

Bioland is a certification that pertains to the method of farming. This method takes into account better animal treatment, plant protection, and soil fertilization without chemical or synthetic agents. The consideration of these methods means superior quality products and balance with nature. Learn more about Bioland standards HERE.

How do I prepare my formula?

Please refer to the guide provided with your order.

How should I store my powdered formula once opened?

It’s best to store your formula in an airtight container. Once opened these products will typically stay fresh for up to 2 weeks. Because these products don’t contain preservatives they are more sensitive to air and humidity than other formulas, meaning they may go rancid faster.

Can I prepare formula in advance?

We would always recommend making formula fresh, as needed. However, if formula needs to be prepared in advance, just make sure to keep it refrigerated and use within 12 hours. Once the formula is ready to be consumed, make sure to bring it to ideal drinking temperature (98.6 F/ 37 C) and shake well before feeding.

Is it really necessary to boil the water?

Yes. The manufacturer’s instructions require that the water be boiled since it will help the formula to mix, as well as sterilize the water, and formula (no formulas are inherently sterile).

When does my formula expire?

Expiration dates will be written on each box in the format dd/mm/yyyy.



When will I receive my order?

We know it's important to deliver the goodness as quickly as possible, so orders are usually sent the following business day, then will spend 3-5 business days en route to you. After your order is on its way to you, we'll send you an email with tracking information. Please note that tracking information will not be viewable until the package has been checked into the local shipping facility. 

If you have enrolled in a subscription option, each shipment should arrive within one month of the previous. 

Please note that these time frames are based on experience, but due to (rare) delays from local postal services, public holidays, or natural disasters they cannot be guaranteed. 

How can I track my shipment?

As soon as your shipment is en route we will send you an email with your tracking information. Please note that tracking information will not be viewable until the package has been checked into the local shipping facility.

How much do you charge for shipping?

Premium shipping is included free (yes, actually free!) of charge on all bundles. If you are ordering boxes individually, shipping will be calculated and shown at checkout. 

My order arrived damaged.

We do our best to secure your package as well as possible, but sometimes damage is unavoidable. The good news is that damage to the outer boxes is purely aesthetic. Your formula is still safe and secure within the airtight inner bag. You can even check by placing the airtight bag into a large bowl of water.



What is your return policy?

In order to protect all of our customers and the integrity of these perishable products we do not accept returns.

How can I contact someone with questions?

Please email us at team@weegoodness.com with any questions you may have. Please be patient, as we are a tiny team covering all of the bases. We promise to respond as quickly as possible. 

My order is wrong.

Please accept our sincere apologies. We try our best, but sometimes mistakes do happen. Please contact us at team@weegoodnes.com so that we can find the best remedy.