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We are working hard to deliver goodness to you, with a focus on care and safety. As circumstances change rapidly, we ask that you try to plan in advance and thank you for your patience. We remain here for you!

Meet Wee Goodness

What We Believe

We believe that every baby deserves the best start to life. That means the highest quality ingredients, held to world-renowned purity standards, and proven to deliver exceptional benefits for health and development. 

We believe that every parent has the right to feel confident in what they feed their child. That means  a company that values honesty over marketing jargon, quality over fake additives, and trust over profits.

Who We Are

Wee Goodness is a small but mighty team of aunts, uncles and friends working diligently to bring the world’s best to your babe in the most convenient manner possible, from a source you can trust. Since our team is composed of both Americans and Europeans we’ve seen firsthand the dramatic differences between product standards on the two continents. For example, did you know that in 2009 the EU banned sucrose (commonly used in U.S. formula as a sweetener) from baby formula due to concerns over childhood obesity?(1) Instead, they commonly use lactose. You know….from milk. The benefits of this substitution can range from preventing obesity to preventing tooth decay. The list of differences in these products is long and the impact is great. We encourage you to compare the list of ingredients from any of our products with those made in the U.S. 

At Wee Goodness we know that food and purity of ingredients are crucial to health. They are the source by which we grow and develop throughout our lives, but they are never more important than at the very start.

How it Happened

My name is Christina and I am the Founder of Wee Goodness. I am a California native who married a German native, then left my corporate business career and spent several years living in Europe. While abroad, dozens of the people closest to my heart welcomed new babes into their families both at home, and in my adopted, European home. It was through the contrast of their experiences, struggles, and my own investigations into health and nutrition that I became shocked at the difference in product standards and motivated to create Wee Goodness. Each member of my team has been carefully selected for their skill set and desire to deliver nothing but the best. This is a project of passion that we hope will bring you a wee bit of goodness. 

Thank you for trusting us with your most precious in life.